Groundbreaking Growth


Main Campus Building Project Overview

More than a healthcare provider, SGMC Health serves as a cornerstone for the area’s vitality with an annual economic impact exceeding $1 billion. Our team not only champions the well-being of our residents but also plays a pivotal role in job creation, local business stimulation, and community development. Our commitment goes beyond healing; it's about improving the lives of all we serve.

Join us as we enter Phase 1 of our long-range master facilities plan, a $150 million investment in the main campus to include a new women and infants' tower, emergency and trauma center, and campus redesign!

Women & Infants

Postpartum RoomAt the heart of our expansion is the establishment of the Women and Infants Center. Recognizing the critical importance of specialized care during the earliest stages of life and motherhood, this center is designed to provide top-tier prenatal, neonatal, and postnatal care. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by dedicated professionals, our Women and Infants Center ensures the safest and most nurturing environment for both mothers and their newborns.

  • 12 Labor/Delivery/Recovery Rooms
  • 8 Antepartum Rooms
  • 2 C-section Rooms
  • 8 Emergency OB Rooms
  • 24 Postpartum Rooms
  • Newborn Nursery
  • 6 NICU Rooms
  • 8 Pediatric Rooms

Emergency & Trauma Services

New Tower 1

Coupled with an enhanced Emergency Department, we are steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our community’s most vulnerable populations. The new emergency department will be designed to manage a broad spectrum of medical emergencies efficiently, including a Level III Trauma Center. This enhancement signifies our unwavering commitment to handling more complex traumatic injuries, ensuring rapid response and expert care during life's most critical moments. By achieving Level III Trauma status, SGMC Health stands as a beacon of advanced emergency care, ready to serve those in dire need.

  • 8-Bay Fast Track 
  • 3-Exam Fast Track
  • Results Waiting Area
  • 34 Treatment Rooms
  • 6 Trauma Rooms
  • 6-Bed Behavioral and Crisis Unit

Campus Redesign

Board Presentation Slides

Designed to enhance patient access, beautify the campus, and improve wayfinding. The new 3-story tower will also reorient the main entrance from Pendleton Drive to Woodrow Wilson Drive to provide ease of access and convenience to expanded services.

  • Wellness Park
  • Connector Boulevard
  • New Centralized Main Entrance

Main Campus Building Project News & Updates

Main Campus Building Project Schedule

  • Main Lobby 3
    May 2022 – March 2024

    Design & Preconstruction

  • Spring 2024

    Stage 1: Site Preparation, Removal of Mathis City Auditorium and Library

    Removal of the former South Georgia Regional Library and Mathis Auditorium will begin in April of 2024. Also, the retention pond on Woodrow Wilson will move underground.
  • Summer 2024

    Stage 2: Foundation and Ground-level Site Work

    Construction fencing will go up. Temporary entrances will be in place for Outpatient and Emergency Services.
  • Fall 2024-Fall 2026

    Stage 3: Building Construction

    Construction will take place over a two year time frame. All hospital services will remain operational.
  • Main Campus Rendering
    Winter 2026

    Stage 4: Completed Project

    The new facilities and campus updates are expected to be completed by the Winter of 2026.

Main Campus Building Project Project Team

Main Campus Building Project FAQs

Why is the hospital expanding?

SGMC Health Main is expanding to meet the growing healthcare needs of our community. With an increase in population and advancements in medical technology, we need to enhance our facilities to continue providing high-quality care to our patients. 

What will the expansion include?

The expansion will include a new women and infants tower, emergency and trauma center, and campus redesign.

How will the expansion affect patient care?

The completed expansion will improve patient care by reducing wait times, enhancing privacy and comfort for patients, and providing access to the latest medical equipment and treatment options. 

Will the expansion impact parking and accessibility?

We understand the importance of convenient parking and accessibility for patients, visitors, and staff. Plans for the expansion include provisions for adequate parking and maintaining accessibility to ensure minimal disruption during construction. 

How long will the construction take?

The duration of construction will be approximately 2 years due to the scale and complexity of the project. We are committed to minimizing disruptions to patient care and will provide regular updates on the progress of the expansion on this page. 

Will there be any changes to existing services during construction?

While every effort will be made to maintain normal operations during construction, some temporary changes may occur.

We will communicate any changes to patients, staff, and the community in advance to minimize inconvenience. 

What measures will be taken to ensure patient safety during construction?

Safety is our top priority. We will implement strict safety protocols, including clear signage, barriers, and designated construction zones to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff throughout the construction process. 

How will the expansion benefit the community?

The expansion will not only improve healthcare services for our community but also create job opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community by enhancing access to quality healthcare. 

How will the hospital finance the expansion?

The expansion project will be funded through a combination of sources, including philanthropic donations and financing arrangements. We are committed to responsible financial management to ensure the long-term sustainability of the health system.  

Will local subcontractors be involved in the expansion project?

Yes, we are committed to supporting the local economy and will prioritize the involvement of local subcontractors and suppliers wherever possible. By engaging local businesses, we aim to foster economic growth within the community and ensure that the expansion project benefits the local workforce. 

Main Campus Building Project Live Feed

Live feed of construction coming Winter of 2024.