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SGMC Health Podcast What Brings You In Today?

Join us as we dive into the world of healthcare with our expert physicians and medical professionals.

Our seasoned healthcare professionals will take you on a journey through various medical topics, breaking down complex information into easily digestible insights, whether you're seeking preventive care tips, understanding medical procedures, or simply staying informed about your health.

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Ep. 9 | Hilary Gibbs, Foundation, SGMC Health

May 17, 2024   |   42 minutes

Today, we're talking about generosity that heals! Dive into the dynamic world of healthcare philanthropy with Hilary Gibbs, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at SGMC Health! Heading up the SGMC Health Foundation, Hilary discusses what it means to be a not-for-profit health system and how money raised by the Foundation is reinvested into our employees, technology, buildings, and programs to better serve patients. Listen in to learn about the variety of ways you can get involved to support the health of our communities, including events, volunteerism, shopping, tax credits, donations, and more!

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Ep. 8 | David Hardy, MD, Vascular Surgeon, SGMC Health

May 3, 2024  |   30 Minutes

We're joined by David Hardy, MD, to walk us through the world of vascular surgery, where he tirelessly works to save both limbs and lives. From recognizing early symptoms to preventive measures against vascular diseases, Dr. Hardy enlightens our listeners with crucial insights. You will definitely want to hear about his remarkable career journey from janitor to fellowship-trained physician. Tune in for his medical expertise and leave inspired by his tear-jerking passion for helping others.

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Ep. 7 | Lara Davis, RN, Labor & Delivery

April 19, 2024   |   30 Minutes

Push play as we sit down with the lovely Lara Davis, RN, Labor & Delivery nurse at SGMC Health. Join us for a ride through the highs and lows of the delivery room as she discusses birth plans, parenting prep classes, cord blood and placenta donation opportunities, and more. With nearly 17 years of nursing experience, Lara shares her advice on what to expect when you're heading to the hospital to have your baby, ensuring every moment is filled with comfort and confidence. This episode is a true labor of love that you don't want to miss!

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Ep. 6 | Charlene Blache, MD, Pediatrician

April 5, 2024   |   28 Minutes

Today, we're joined by community pediatrician Charlene Blache, MD, to share her insights on childhood health. As a pediatric powerhouse, Dr. Blache shares her pearls of parenting wisdom as she works with families to navigate their children's unique healthcare journey. This episode features an eye-opening discussion on recommended screen time as well as the world of mental health screenings for kids. Listen in and learn something new about nurturing young minds.

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Ep. 5 | Joseph Hayes, MD, Internal Medicine

March 22, 2024   |   42 Minutes

Internal Medicine physician Joseph Hayes, MD, joins us on the pod for a wide-ranging medical marathon of charisma. Hear about his unconventional journey to becoming a doctor and his opinion on patients consulting "Dr. Google" for answers. Delve into insightful discussions as Dr. Hayes tackles listener-submitted questions on everything from the efficacy of supplements to managing anxiety and excessive sweating. Grab a healthy snack and join us to learn about the importance of a primary care doc in your health journey!

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Ep. 4 | Ene Grace Morgan, MD, OBGYN

March 8, 2024   |   33 Minutes

Ready for a dose of women's health wisdom? This week on the What Brings You In Today podcast, we've got the incredible Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Ene Grace Morgan, MD, joining us! Tune in as Dr. Morgan shares her insights on all things OBGYN! She tackles topics such as managing obesity and anxiety while emphasizing the importance of having a doctor you can relate to. From tear-jerking delivery room experiences to growing up around a teaching hospital, Dr. Morgan's heartwarming story is one you don't want to miss! 

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Ep. 3 | Emily Brown, Director of EMS & Trauma Services

February 22, 2024   |   25 Minutes

Buckle up for ambulance adventures with Chief Brown! Discover Emily’s unique path to becoming a nurse, her adrenaline-packed career in emergency medicine, and how she spearheaded the effort to advance trauma care in South Georgia. Hear about SGMC Health’s journey to a Level III Trauma Designation and what that means for a safer community. Find out the best way to prevent traumatic injuries, when to call 9-1-1, and how Emily is creating a pet therapy program alongside her dog, Doodle. 

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Ep. 2 | Edward Distler, DO, Interventional Cardiologist

February 8, 2024   |   25 Minutes

Today, we’re bringing in a cardiologist with a heart of gold for a chat about heart health. Discover Dr. Distler’s expert take on sleep, stress, and the importance of advocating for your health. Learn about risk factors and gain valuable tips for a heart-healthy life. Tune in to this heartwarming conversation; it could save your life!

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Ep. 1 | Ronald Dean, President & CEO

January 25, 2024   |   39 Minutes

Welcome to the first-ever "What Brings You in Today" podcast! Hang out with our marketing team and Mr. Ronnie Dean, our President & CEO. We're diving into his career journey, cultivating a culture of excellence, and envisioning the future of healthcare in South Georgia. It's a laid-back convo you won't want to miss—join us and find out what brings Mr. Ronnie Dean in today!

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What Brings You In Today?

Trailer | Introducing: "What Brings You in Today?"

January 18, 2024   |   45 Seconds

Join us as we dive into the world of healthcare with our expert physicians and medical professionals. Our seasoned healthcare professionals will take you on a journey through various medical topics, breaking down complex information into easily digestible insights, whether you're seeking preventive care tips, understanding medical procedures, or simply staying informed about your health.

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Erika Bennett

Erika Bennett
Director of Marketing & Brand Experience

Erika is a mom of 2 wild boys and a Labradoodle, a former aerial yoga extraordinaire, and a brand experience boss. She has more than a decade of experience in healthcare marketing and is an avid fitness queen with an OrangeTheory addiction. She received her degree in Speech Communications and Public Relations from Valdosta State University. She has been married to her college sweetheart, Austin, since 2009.

Taylor Fisher

Taylor Fisher
Marketing & PR Specialist

Taylor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Emergent Media and Communications and Business from Valdosta State University and an A.A.S. in Design and Media Production Technology from Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Logan and their two dogs Gus and Tucker as well as volunteering with United2Prevent, a suicide prevention nonprofit in Valdosta. She is an avid podcast listener, marketing nerd, and lover of breakfast foods.

Kara Hope Hanson

Kara Hope Hanson
Marketing Manager

Kara Hope is working behind the camera as the podcast's producer. A dedicated Swiftie and lover of all things pink, Kara Hope brings her creativity and marketing expertise to the pod. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Valdosta State University. A passionate proponent of rest, her favorite health activity is getting 12 hours of sleep in a single night, which she tirelessly tracks with her Apple Watch.

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